Reduce Workplace Stress

At Q Office Furniture, we help cut workplace stress by building these five concepts into our office designs:
Observe how employees use the workspace

Techniques such as Activity Based Working (ABW) encourage people to physically locate themselves where it is most suitable for them to complete their work.

Make the space functional

Workplace layout can have a huge impact on stress levels. But most important of all is space. Techniques like Proxemics aim to cut anxiety levels caused when people are too close at work. Build different areas for collaboration or concentration.

Control air, noise and lighting quality

Studies have shown that stuffy air conditioning, noise and poor lighting can lower morale and increase stress. Use as much natural light as possible. Consider simple acoustic solutions. Filter and subtly scent the workspace.

Use eco-friendly comfortable materials

Uncomfortable chairs and non-functional desks can cause pain and stress. As far as possible, buy ergonomic chairs and accessories.

Allow for a communal space

To improve productivity and minimise stress, staff should be encouraged to take breaks every 2 hours. Provide a low-stress communal area and stock it with filtered water, hot drink facilities and relaxing seating.

Placing people at the heart of design

Q Office Furniture really cares about the people who work in our workspace solutions. Our workspace design service includes taking time to understand your office needs. We introduce the latest office design trends. In particular, we take account of potential stress causing factors such as noise, air quality, lighting and cramped areas.

Open office layout and cubicle arrangements can contribute to stress. Simple changes like cubicles with higher walls and placing private working spaces in open plan areas make huge differences. Adding greenery, a few small trees and plants can work wonders.

Caring workspace helps cut stress

The 2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey concludes that stress continues to be a significant contributor to poor mental health, low productivity and absenteeism in the UK workforce.

For those businesses looking to reduce the prevalence of poor mental health and stress in their organisations, the onus is on them to recognise the impact that the world of work can have on employees. They should identify those in particular need and put in place safe guards to ensure a happier, more productive and profitable workforce.“Improving the working environment through caring workspace design is one way stress levels can be managed. “

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Stress at work

Stress at work is a growing problem. The Perkbox 2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey suggests 59% of adults experience work-related stress. The HSE says “employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and acting on it”. There is no doubt that being crammed into a poorly lit office using a broken desk and wobbly chair can cause stress. The Workplace Happiness Report says “feeling comfortable with the design of your office boosts workplace happiness by 33%: ” Introducing a low-stress office environment can lead to happier, healthier and more productive staff who want to come to work.

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