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Sit stand desks offer adjustable desk work tops. They are designed for working comfort with added health care benefits. People can quickly change from sitting to standing without moving from their desks. Sitting for long periods can be dangerous for health. Researchers have shown that periods of standing lower the risk of weight gain, control blood sugar levels and alleviate heart disease. Being able to switch between standing and sitting postures can help reduce the physical stress on the body. Sit/stand desks help people keep active at work, thereby improving productivity. They are recommended by the London Spine Clinic as they allow the ability to vary posture and combat the health risks which are associated with sitting too much.

Sit/stand desks have been scientifically proven to improve productivity, concentration and users’ creativity. This is so because standing causes the body’s largest muscles to work harder resulting in better blood flow throughout the body, especially to the brain. In turn, this makes us less drowsy and improves the way we feel and the way we work. In such a way it has been found that sit/stand desks have the ability to increase productivity from up to 10-20%.

Are Standing Desks Good For You?

Sitting too much is seriously bad for your health. Office workers with sedentary jobs have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Continuous sitting burns very few calories leading to weight gain and obesity Research has shown that using a sit/stand desk can have impressive health benefits. Several studies have suggested the following benefits of using a sit/stand desk:

1) Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Standing burns more calories than sitting. One study proved that in an afternoon with an equal time spent sitting and standing a person standing burns 170 additional calories. Controlling calories is strongly linked to obesity and metabolic disease.

2) Using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels increase after meals. Especially so for those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. A study measuring office workers’ blood sugar levels after lunch found that alternating between standing and sitting every 30 minutes reduced blood sugar spikes by 11.1% on average.

3) Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

An early study found that bus conductors who stood all day had half the risk of heart disease-related deaths when compared with their driver colleagues who sat all day. Without doubt, the more time you spend sitting the greater the risk of heart disease. Scientists have measured the effects of sitting on heart health. They say prolonged sedentary time increases the risk of heart disease by up to 147%. Prolonged sitting is so harmful that one hour of intense exercise may not be enough to negate the effects of sitting all day

4) Sit/Stand Desks Appear to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers who sit all day. Several studies show that standing desks can dramatically decrease chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting. The Take-a-Stand Project cut time spent sitting by 224% (66 minutes per day). It reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states. Furthermore, removal of the sit-stand desks reversed some of those improvements within a 2-week period.

5) Sit/Stand Desks Help Improve Workers Wellbeing

In one 7-week study, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire work day. What’s more, 87% of those using standing desks had increased vigour and energy. Many studies link sedentary jobs with increased risks of anxiety and depression and anxiety

Sit stand desks boost productivity and are extremely good for workers health and wellbeing

Q Office Furniture Sit/Stand Workstations

The Q Office Furniture sit/stand workstations featured above offer height adjustment from 630mm to 1310mm. The user operates a high quality electric motor for a smooth operation, longevity, and reliability.

The height adjustable technology allows users to change the height of their sit/stand desk using the fixed electronic keypad or via an app using Bluetooth® technology. By downloading the “Desk Control” app, the desk user comes one step closer to changing their prolonged sitting behaviour by receiving the friendly reminders needed to build a healthy routine during the workday.

For added safety, the system includes an anti-collision device to prevent unwanted contact between the ascending or descending work surface and another object. Optional vertical cable risers are compatible with the system to house power and data cables from the floor to the underside of the desk top.

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Easy & Convenient

Sit/Stand desks provide an easy and convenient way to change positions and relieve some of the stresses caused by sitting at a workstation for long periods. There are many benefits from standing making sit/stand desks valuable in the workplace.

Maintain a healthy posture

Whether sitting or standing at your desk, clinicians recommend making sure your head, neck and torso are in line. Keep your upper arms close to your body, keep your wrists straight and make sure your hands are at or below your elbows. You may wish to use a footrest to shift your weight from foot to foot. Wear shoes that provide proper support.

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