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How office design boosts millennial recruitment and retention

Manpower say millennials, people aged 20 to 40, will make up a third of the UK workforce by 2020. Their values differ greatly from older generations. Workplace layout is high in their job satisfaction needs. A Capital One survey found that 2 in 3 (71%) millenials believe workplace design is more important than office location.

So how do you design workspaces to recruit and retain key talent? Find out with Q Office Design service

'I would love to work here'

At Q Office we know how a work space needs to cater for millennials and how they work alongside all age groups. Before we present work space design proposals, we believe it is essential to talk to all interested parties.

We need to know what people want from a work space. In most cases it is more than the furniture. The office needs spaces for collaboration as well as areas for private noise-free thinking. Colour, light, noise, meeting areas, plants, etc. are massively important features.

When a millennial turns up for an interview they should be thinking ‘I would love to work here’. As well as attracting the people you need, the work place should be a very difficult place for them to leave for work elsewhere.

Recruit and keep millennial's using these 5 principles

Empower collaboration – millennials need spaces to encourage and drive innovation through collaboration.

Update technology – millennials have grown up using technology and for them it is simply a given. Provide the right technology to impress and support this generation.

Become eco-friendly – millennials are more aware than most about the use of bio-degradable materials, non-plastics, using natural light and managing office waste.

Offer health and wellbeing – millennials will look for healthy food and drink options and relaxation/social areas and health/wellness programming.

Incorporate attractive design elements – millennials will be impressed with artwork/ creative imagery and easily reconfigurable furniture and spaces (48%).

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Staff love new office space

Walter Brennan, OBT
I never would have believed it. We are amazed by how some practical ideas have changed the look and feel of our offices. The younger staff love coming to work and their new ideas bloom every day. They have been telling their friends that it is a great place to work. But at the moment nobody is leaving and recruitment costs are much lower.
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