Cut Workspace Costs

How to cut office costs and improve efficiency
7 Top Tips
  1. If it is a new office look seriously at location, parking and staff accessibility. Do you really need a costly prime location? Is there plenty of free parking for staff and visitors? Can personnel easily reach the site with public transport?
  2. Make more of the space you have. Clever furniture design will accommodate more people without compromising their comfort. Buying bespoke furniture to fit, say, awkward spaces could accommodate 10% more and cost very little.
  3. Plan the layout – sockets, doors, lighting – changing after furniture arrives will be costly and disruptive.
  4. Buy UK made – it looks nicer and will last longer and spares are readily available.
  5. Go green – being environmentally friendly can save money – bigger windows give more daylight, motion friendly lights save power and turn off at night.
  6. Consult staff – unexpected changes could see staff leaving. Remember, it can cost £20,000+ to recruit and train a new member of staff.
  7. Reconsider open plan – a US study found collaborative open plan offices can cause drops in productivity.

The workspace running costs can be crippling. Some of our tips cut costs directly. Other tips streamline work flows and improve efficiency. Introducing stress free environments will cut staff sickness and temporary staffing costs. Thoughtful office design will further cut indirect costs by improving recruitment and staff retention.

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