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All organisations should be looking to boost efficiency. A more efficient office reduces costs and improves margins. At Q Office Furniture we have seen how quality office design can significantly boost efficiency and productivity. For example, in an open plan office simply placing a screen around an area can raise productivity by 50%. What’s more our office design service will help improve employee morale and their view of your business.

At Q Office Furniture we really care about customers and their productivity needs. We offer a full service. Before we make office furniture proposals, we spend time understanding your business and how the office set up is used. Taking account of windows, wall sockets, staff kitchens and individual teams make up is all important.

Just a few simple changes can significantly improve your office efficiency. Here are some headline tips:

  • Enhance comfort. Install spacious tables and ergonomic chairs with quality seat pans, back rests and appropriate adjusters. Comfortable workers are more productive. Be aware of the health and safety requirements and your duty of care.
  • Make full use of natural daylight. Research suggests that employees in offices with windows are 15% more productive than others in windowless offices.
  • Provide the latest storage facilities. Poor storage leads to damaged or lost items and a huge waste of time searching.
  • Create specific zones. Use furniture to layout different spaces for separate functions, teams, etc.
  • Introduce defined walkways. Arrange furniture to ease movement around the office. Avoid hazards caused by badly placed furniture. Ease of movement, in turn, translates to efficiency, safety, cooperation, and increased productivity.
  • Develop an office personality. The ambience and look and feel can enhance an office worker’s overall wellbeing leading to lower stress levels and better productivity. Think of building brand colours into seat fabrics and screen dividers. This will comfort staff and impress visitors.
  • Allocate personal space. Office workers like their personal space. Evidence suggests hot desking reduces morale, productivity and team spirit. People like to have family pictures around them.
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Kirsty Dungate – Schuco International
When we relocated to Watford, Q furniture worked with us to fully furnish what was an empty building. They have been fantastic! Their professional design facility really showed how best to make the most of the available space. They listen to your requirements and provide solutions to ensure your company and your staff have the perfect working environment.
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